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The retail supply chain is being re-plumbed to divert more and more sales via eCommerce direct to customers instead of through retail stores. Retail is undergoing a crisis with this massive change in consumer behaviour and the global pandemic has only accelerated the change. Online retail sales are now estimated to be 13% of total retail sales as of January 2021 and growing at a rate of nearly 50% p.a.

Bulk Wholesale Warehouse
Logistics Cloud Co. brings control and efficiency

How do you adapt to the retail supply chain revolution?

You’ve watched your online sales skyrocket and store-based fulfilment is really just a stop-gap. Maybe you’re trying to manage this in your bulk warehouse but you’re falling behind in your order fulfilment. Online marketplaces are becoming the new shopping malls and they don’t want to hold stock. So they will buy to order or push drop shipping fulfilment onto their suppliers i.e. you! Either way, the old bulk distribution to a few retail stores is declining in favour of smaller more frequent deliveries to more online sellers or direct to customer deliveries. You now need to handle this, and your old slow paper based warehouse processes are not going to keep up. So what should you do?

Master The Art of Shipping Everything

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Your business is getting complicated and you need a way to cut through the complexity and handle everything that comes your way. Outsourcing is simply not an option, the margins are too thin and/or the complexity too much to hand over to someone else and put your business at a risk. You need a massive injection of competence and capability into your warehousing and distribution operations. You need to master The Art of Shipping Everything.

This will need a re-think of your warehouse processes and the right system to support them. The Logistics Cloud Co. Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the most capable Cloud WMS on the market. This WMS will help you master the Art of Shipping Everything because it already does that for many other businesses. Traditional bulky goods warehousing and the new challenges of high volume small order fulfilment for Online Retail have already been built into the smart warehousing capabilities of the system based on the experience of customers using the WMS.

75% picking performance improvement achieved by one of our customers over 6 months

Faster, Better, Cheaper Warehousing

Warehousing and distribution is an essential part of your business success and you need to understand your costs and be able to improve your processes to drive down your costs over time. With the logistics Cloud Co. WMS you can apply standard labour rates to your warehouse activities and track the performance of your staff so your supervisors have the information they need for staff management. Change and improve your processes and measure the results over time to track your progress.

We’ve built a WMS you can rely on
The Logistics Cloud Co. WMS has already proven itself with globally recognised Retailers and 3PLs in Australia and overseas. The same technology is now available to you in the Cloud and can scale from small Importers with one or two stores to large high volume retailers

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What you need to succeed

The WMS With Everything for Retail Warehousing

Accurate Inventory

Real-time tracking of stock with the mobile barcode scanning app means you know where your stock is and fix errors fast. You could achieve 99.9% stock accuracy and eliminate the frustration of searching for stock

Fast Receiving & Shipping

Keep your stock flowing in and out fast by eliminating paper processes and manual data entry. Your stock will be received and ready for picking as fast as you can get it off the truck, scanned in, and put into your racks.

Smart Warehouse

Use intelligent warehouse processes for receiving, storage, replenishment, picking, packing, and shipping that maximise productivity. Track labour and activity performance and drive down costs with process improvement.

Easy to Learn

The mobile app directs your staff with step by step workflows that can be learned in minutes. Temporary staff become productive quickly so you can handle workload peaks easily.

Connected WMS

We’re already connected to the most common on premises and cloud systems you need to manage your supply chain. If we don’t have it we will build it.

Fast to Implement

We are big fans of agile implementations to get you up and running fast so you get under control quickly. Complexity and sophistication can be added as you get used to working with the WMS.

A Day in the Life with Logistics Cloud Co. WMS

There are six essential functions that happen in every warehouse every day and our WMS helps you to do each function with speed and accuracy.

Take Control and Scale Now

Contact us for a quick discovery session to see how you can improve your logistics operations and find out if the Logistics Cloud Co. WMS is right for you.

More Key Features  for Retailers

Billing is per user per month for the multi-tenant cloud WMS hosted on Microsoft Azure in Australia.

Manage your stock in multiple warehouses. If you use a 3PL you can even provide access to them to manage your stock, which is perfect for short term stock peaks handled by casual 3PL relationships.

    Now even small 3PL businesses can have a sophisticated warehouse management system to track all of their work by client and track billable activities without using unreliable paper trails and spreadsheets.
    You may be running two or more businesses from a shared warehouse and need to track stock and activity separately.
    You could use this feature to rent out spare storage capacity in your warehouse to offset the cost of unused space.

Have you grown to multiple warehouse units at one site? Use warehouse zones to control your picking at each unit and bring it together for shipping from your main warehouse unit.

Get control of different operational areas by splitting functional areas of your warehouse into different zones for put-away, replenishment and picking. Keep your staff in dedicated zones so they don’t have to walk all over the warehouse to pick an order.

Consolidate picks from different zones at the packing bench or dock so that you pack all the stock for an order together in the same box or on the same pallet.

Never lose an item again by tracking detailed stock locations in your racking and shelving. Many Inventory systems don’t handle multi-location tracking at all, or do it so badly it’s very inefficient. Now you can manage bulk stock in many locations wherever it is in your warehouse and manage item specific pick locations and their replenishment.

Slow moving items can be stored randomly and now you can control where they are stored.

If you have lots of items then you may need to store more than one item per location. This is very common in fashion where you mix sizes for the same style in a box or for small parts and accessories. You need to do this to maximise the storage density in your warehouse. Now you can do that with confidence that every item is scanned during picking (and packing if required) to make sure that every order goes out perfect.

One barcode applied to a pallet or trolley that references all the items on it. Used during putaway and picking to speed the confirmation of stock moves.

It’s more accurate to scan your items when you handle them in the warehouse, but if some or all of your items are not barcoded then you can turn off barcode control for those items and the item number will entered for you so you don’t have to scan them when using the mobile workflow.

If you want to print barcoded item labels for your unbarcoded items during the receiving process, so you can scan items that are not barcoded by your supplier, you can do that too.

Selling special deals for a bundle of stock items is no problem, the deal item will be automatically split into pick instructions for its components. Useful if you have a direct integration of the WMS with your webstore or your inventory system does not handle splitting non-stock product bundles into their component stock items.

If you handle large items that come in multiple cartons, you can split the order lines for the item into sub-items to track multiple cartons in the WMS so that you make sure you pick all the cartons that make up the item even if the component cartons are stored in different locations in your warehouse. Your inventory system tracks a single item keeping your pricing and cost accounting simple.

Do you make up special bundles or assemble component items to store in stock? Now you can manage the component picking and assembly process and creation of the new item in our WMS.

You buy by the Carton and sell the Each so your warehouse system should help you manage the physical tasks with a standard structure for unit of measure for every unit you handle. So you can receive in Cartons and ship in Eaches.

Useful for carton size recommendations during picking and calculating shipping. Batch and Expiry tracking

Lots of items have expiry dates and it can be useful to track them if you customers have expectations of minimum shelf life.

Track items by lot (batch) and expiry date or just by lot or just by expiry date. Track lot and expiry in and out or just capture the lot number when you pick.

You can track lot and expiry date in the WMS even if your main inventory system does not. You won’t have any control or visibility of lot/expiry data in your inventory system but all the traceability you need will be in the WMS.

Sellers of electrical goods usually need to track serial numbers for warranty purposes. Make sure the item returned for warranty is the one you shipped out.

The Cloud WMS handles serial number tracking very efficiently by only requiring it to be traced on receipt and/or dispatch. There is no need to track serial numbers for internal moves within the warehouse.

Track multiple item attributes for specialty items

Conduct an annual blind wall to wall stocktake to make sure you have what you think you have.

Or you can do cyclic stocktakes where you count a small section of your warehouse each day.

Unfortunately even the best system in the world still has room for error. The important thing is to catch the errors and fix them quickly. So, whenever a picker confirms a short the pick due to missing stock the WMS will direct them to pick it from somewhere else if it is available. The WMS then creates an immediate cycle count for a supervisor to count the location and try and find the missing stock or adjust it out of the system.

Receive one PO at a time or multiple POs on a delivery. Scan and count the items as you see them and put them on a pallet or trolley ready for putaway.

If you want to minimise the time wasted due to travel in your warehouse you need to control where items are stored.

Keep product ranges together that are picked together, and keep the fast moving items down low and near despatch.

You can drive huge improvements in productivity by setting up dedicated pick locations for fast moving items.

The WMS creates replenishment tasks to refill the locations when the stock level falls below the minimum.

Carton pick to label.

Pick and put to staging area for large multi-pallet orders.

Multi-Zone picking with pick and pass to next zone or parallel picking from each zone with order assembly at the staging area.

Multi-Order Picking – pick several orders at once and sort to order on a trolley or pallet

Multi-Batch Picking – pick a big batch of small orders and sort to sub-batches in tubs on a trolley followed by sort to order during packing.

Sort and scan pack the items from your multi-batch pick.

Multi-order picked items have already been scanned to order during picking and can be packed and shipped with a few taps or clicks.

Print your shipping labels on demand as you pack each order when you integrate our WMS with your shipping system. This ensures the right shipping label is put on the right shipping carton. No more will your staff wander around a sea of shipping cartons in your staging area with a batch of labels trying to find the right carton to put it on and risk shipping errors.

We already connect with Smartfreight, Shippit, Starshipit, Yojee and HDS and we welcome new connections.

Update your webstore to confirm your customer orders are shipped and add freight tracking information

Connect to your returns management system to speed the inbound processing of returns. We already connect with Return Logic and welcome new connections.

Got big plans for your future? Or are you already too big for a shared Cloud system? Large scale and complex businesses can host on their own on premises or Cloud server. Or we can manage a dedicated Cloud instance for you.