Warehouse Optimisation

Go Beyond WMS - Solve the Whole Warehousing Problem

The Warehouse Optimisation Program is designed to go beyond a simple WMS implementation to work with you over the long term to optimise your warehouse operations by applying the key principles that drive performance. This program includes WMS implementation, when required, and is an alternative to the upfront WMS implementation cost which is limited in scope. It provides access to consulting expertise on a continuous basis at an affordable price. This is a mix of coaching, consulting education and training to upskill your staff and make them the experts in warehouse improvement for your business.

The Warehouse Optimisation Program will normally be priced at $3,000 (+GST) per month but the introductory price is $2,000 for the first 5 businesses with a 12 month term. For less than half the cost of a storeperson you could have an experienced warehousing expert helping you implement solutions to continually drive down your operational costs and increase your service to your customers.

Optimisation Workshops

Monthly 4 hour Warehouse Optimisation Workshops ensure you are focused on value adding projects to improve your warehouse productivity and drive cost reductions.

Management Coaching

Weekly calls with your warehouse management team keep them focused on working through the activities required to complete the improvement projects.

Training & Education

Weekly Group coaching brings exposure to warehouse managers in other businesses for wide range experience. Monthly education and training in warehouse management and process improvement increase skills and effectiveness of your staff.

Fundamental Principles

We have distilled a lifetime of warehouse consulting experience into a set of principles that govern warehouse productivity. Monthly webinars provide access to knowledge and experience that is not available anywhere else.

KPI Targets

We’ll help you develop relevant KPIs and targets that drive action towards you goals and show the results in data.

Project Management

Your warehouse team will learn how to run their own projects with our support. Simple tools will be used to keep projects on track.

Take Control and Scale Now

Contact us for a quick discovery session to see how you can go beyond an ordinary WMS implementation to drive continuous improvement in your warehouse.