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EWE Global Express

EWE Global Express

To achieve his goals, Chris Wang knew he would need a much better WMS than the in house system they were currently using.

Watch the video interview we did with Chris on his experience with NextWMS.

EWE Global Express are a Freight Forwarder specialising in shipping Australian goods to and from China. They are so good at this that they are Alibaba’s partner for fulfillment from Australia. On the big ‘Singles Day’ 11/11 (11th November) sale they take over 80,000 orders and work around the clock to fulfill them in only a few days.

Growing Potential in the 3PL Market

When Chris Wang joined EWE as General Manager a few years ago he recognised the potential the business had to expand its Third Party Logistics (3PL) services to the local market for warehousing and fulfillment in Australia. To achieve this goal, he knew he would need a much better Warehouse Management System (WMS) than the in house system they were currently using. Chris did a market review of all the currently available systems on the market in Australia and after an epic eight hour deep dive into Upimium NextWMS with his technical team, EWE chose our WMS and Logistics Help (our consulting business) as their WMS implementation partners.

Note: Logistics Cloud Co. WMS is a special version of Upimium NextWMS hosted in the Cloud and curated by us for small and medium business.

The key factors influencing their decision to use NextWMS were:

– Modern Java based architecture that allows for easy customisation of warehouse strategies with SQL
– Extensive functionality to support their key business needs for Management of Client stock
– Real time stock tracking
– Multi-location tracking of stock
– Pick face replenishment
– Advanced picking methods
– Stocktake and cycle-counting
– Shipping integration
– Labour management to track productivity
– Billing of warehouse activities
– The highly visual mobile workflow that runs in a browser or Android app, and can be customised in minutes. This allowed EWE to solve difficult warehousing and fulfillment challenges for various customers with widely varying product and order profiles.
– Freedom to develop their own custom integrations to suit their existing business systems.
– Multi-lingual support for Chinese was also very helpful.

The objective was to provide as much knowledge transfer during the implementation as possible so that Denis Wang, the newly appointed lead for the WMS project would be self sufficient in setting up the system to suit their needs. Eddie Taylor from Logistics Cloud Co trained Denis who proved himself to be a WMS wizard and mastered the system and set up the first two clients. The go live went without incident and the staff quickly adapted to the new way of working with mobile scanners instead of paper pick slips.

Two years later EWE has grown their 3PL business substantially. They sold out their first 14,000 square metre warehouse in six months and now have NextWMS managing more than 50 clients in 5 warehouses. EWE have successfully picked and shipped more than 200,000 orders for their clients using NextWMS since 2019.

Chris Wang is very happy with the result and how Upimium NextWMS is working for him. But don’t take our word for it, watch Chris talk about his experience during his interview with the Logistics Cloud Co. founder Andrew J Clark in the video above.