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The difference between scaling and failing is the quality of implementation. We’ve been designing processes and implementing logistics systems for more than three decades. We know what works and what doesn’t and because we are logistics experts and not just IT experts, we can help you build a logistics management operation that can handle anything you can throw at it, whilst you focus on building your business and changing the world.

Get Unstuck and Scale

…maybe you can be the next disrupter of your market

Conventional Wisdom

Stick with what you know, it’s safe but frustrating! Outsource and watch someone else screw up your business.
There is no other way, or someone would have thought of it.

Evolutionary thinking

There is a better way, and you just found it!  The secret to scaling is better processes enabled by better technology and applied with expert implementation.

Become the Disruptor

Logistics Cloud Co. is an innovator in making smart technology and advanced processes easy for you to implement into your business.  Now you can go out and disrupt your market.

How We Do it so You Can Scale

1. Design
  • We help you streamline your warehouse processes with new more efficient mobile workflows
2. Build
  • We Configure your WMS and load your data
  • You Purchase new hardware – mobile scanners, printers etc
3. Connect
  • We connect your other Cloud Apps or on premises systems
4. Test & Train
  • We make sure that your hardware and software play nicely together
  • We train your managers and supervisors who train your workers
5. Go
  • Start the new connections
  • Commence operations
  • Scale Up!

The 5 Step Process to Warehouse Transformation

We are with you every step of the way. Software implementation is not a DIY project. All our implementations are run by logistics experts with an operations background. We’re not IT people, we’re logistics people, we only do IT because it supports better, cheaper faster logistics processes. So take the load off your busy staff and let us give you the support you need to improve your processes and get the best out of the technology you invest in.

Sharpen the Saw

Your business never stands still and your warehouse operations shouldn’t either. Your warehouse is a tool that serves your business and it needs to be kept sharp. Our WMS tracks every move and activity in your warehouse so you can see what happened, what’s going on now, and plan for future workload. Set standards for your workers so you can track their performance. Improve the performance of your processes by reviewing idle time and interruptions.

Learn from our online Knowledge Base how to improve and get resources to help train new staff. If you have a problem we’re here for you to resolve it quickly through our Help Desk. Phone support is available during business hours and after hours by arrangement.

75% Picking Productivity Improvement with Logistics Cloud Co. WMS

Actual process improvement result from one of our customers