Advanced Warehouse Management for Shopify

Is your success a pain in the warehouse?

Many rapidly growing Online Retailers are taking real hits to their performance because the volume of orders they now face with the eCommerce boom is overwhelming. They can’t easily find the stock stored in their warehouse and their order fulfillment is slow. This eats into their profitability and their ability to grow due to inefficiency, errors, returns, and reputational damage.

The value in transitioning from paper processing to barcode scanning and real time tracking of stock has been well established in big businesses for decades. Amazon built its success on the back of sophisticated warehouse technology. But this technology has been difficult to access for smaller sellers who want to grow in to bigger sellers.

At Logistics Cloud Co. we’ve been working hard to change that and make sophisticated warehouse technology available and easy to implement for all sizes of business. Our Cloud warehouse system now connects with Shopify to make stock management easy and accurate and to speed your picking and shipping.

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Shopify Integration with LCC-WMS

Key Features

The integration of the Logistics Cloud Co. Cloud Warehouse Management System (WMS) with Shopify provides a way for online retailers to start using a sophisticated inventory scanning and tracking system as soon as they are ready to start scaling up. Even a small warehouse with only 2 or 3 staff can get a significant productivity boost from faster receiving and put-away, picking and shipping because of the gains that come from real time stock tracking and scanning. When you grow big, the WMS will scale with you to any scale and level of complexity.

The LCC-WMS + Shopify solution is best suited to businesses that sell from stock and do not hold backorders when items are out of stock. The reason for this is that the WMS is designed to fulfill orders not manage orders. Normal paid orders from your webstore will be picked up by the WMS for fulfillment automatically. Unpaid orders will not be picked up by the WMS until they are paid.  Pre-orders are fine so long as you don’t release them as paid orders for fulfillment by the WMS until you have the stock.

We have addressed the major shortcomings of Shopify for inventory management with our integration. Our aim was to give you a system that keeps your product availability as accurate as possible so that you never disappoint your customers with unexpected out of stocks and also that you don’t lose sales because your stock availability went to zero when you still had plenty of stock. Some of the headline features for inventory management include:

  1. Track stock in real time by warehouse bin location at every step from receiving to shipping.
  2. Stock receipts, counts and adjustments automatically update the availability in Shopify.
  3. Sell pick to order product bundles and automatically adjust the availability of the component items when the WMS receives the order.
  4. Sell multiple pack sizes as multiple items in Shopify and handle them as a single item in the WMS.
  5. Create stock transfers in the WMS for replenishing your bricks and mortar store and automatically adjust the stock availability in Shopify or move it to another Shopify location.
  6. Pick many orders at once to minimise travel distance.
  7. Print shipping labels on demand as you pack orders and create consignments in your freight system.