Warehouse Layout and Design

Most warehouses are never designed. Racking and shelving is purchased, a forklift is hired based on what most people do. Later, more racking and shelving are added wherever it will fit (usually the cheapest available). Some years later when the warehouse is over-filled with stock and junk, the aisles are clogged with pallets of stock that can’t be put-away and productivity is in the toilet, someone will say “we need a new warehouse!”

Moving warehouse is expensive, using off site storage is also expensive, wasting space and paying more for storage in higher lease costs is even more expensive. Far better to stay where you are and redesign the site. With modern storage systems and materials handling equipment we can often achieve a 50% increase in storage capacity and increase selectivity and speed of operation.

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Why you need a better layout

Get 50% More Capacity

If your warehouse is old and has a poor layout you will be surprised what can be done to increase its capacity.

Speed Up!

With better layout, modern storage systems and materials handling equipment you can increase storage capacity and increase the flow and speed of your warehouse operations.

Save a Large Fortune

Our warehouse layout and designs have a direct and rapid impact on your bottom line in improved productivity and cost avoidance of warehouse relocation and higher lease costs. You could save not just thousands but hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nobody does it better

With over 30 years of experience in improving warehouse operations as an operational manager and consultant Andrew Clark is an expert in creating designs that build productivity into the foundation of the warehouse.

Andrew’s approach to warehouse design is a combination of process review, data analysis, detailed knowledge of storage and handling systems and creativity of thought about how the warehousing problem can be solved. The aim is to optimise your warehouse operations now and into the future to provide long term productivity benefits and cost savings.

Upgrade Your Warehouse Now

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