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LCC-WMS has been designed to suit the needs of most small and medium businesses in Retail, Wholesale, eCommerce and 3PL.

The Logistics Cloud Co. Warehouse Management System (WMS) is our optimised version of a high-end WMS Platform with a successful track record at large businesses and 3PLs in Australia and overseas.

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Don’t bring a pen to a gun fight! Paper workflows & data entry are slow. Get fast fulfilment with a mobile workflow on a barcode scanner that streamlines physical processes and automates data flow.


People with paper make mistakes. Barcode scanning and real time stock tracking enables your warehouse staff to get it right first time. Simple step by step workflows mistake proof your processes.


Break free from dependence on the special knowledge of staff to run your business and build expert processes that allow experienced and new staff to work fast, accurate and free of frustration.

Cloud easy

Extend and enhance your Tech Stack with a WMS optimised for small and medium business, built on a platform proven by world leading businesses and logistics companies.


Ecommerce needs speed. High volume small order fulfilment and large SKU ranges are easily handled with multi-order and multi-batch picking and integrated packing and shipping workflows giving you robotic levels of speed.


Ship bulky orders to retail stores and track the contents of every pallet and carton so that you never lose track and help your customers receive their goods into store faster. Multi-order pick smaller orders for more efficiency.

3pl Multi-client

Now even small 3PLs can have a WMS with activity-based billing. Let the WMS track your activity and create accurate invoices you can justify to your clients. No more paper trails and manual creation of invoices.

Labour ManagEMENT

Track staff and process performance so you can make sure you are controlling and improving your warehouse productivity and driving down costs.


Connect your other cloud or on premises systems. We already have standard integrations ready to go. We don’t charge for developing new integrations, only a low monthly fee per connection.


We have simple fixed price implementation fees for most businesses. Implementation includes system set up, connection to your system, testing, training, and go live support.

Warehouse experts

Benefit from our expertise of over 30 years in warehouse productivity improvement and system development and implementation.

warehouse optimisation

Combine WMS implementation with ongoing consulting and coaching to optimise your warehouse operations. Work with us over the long term as we help you achieve your goals and upskill your warehouse team.

Need More? - Go Bespoke

Big businesses with complex operations and systems need a customised solution specifically designed for their needs. Get your own instance of the NEXTWMS platform hosted on a private cloud or on premises server. Sophisticated businesses with in house IT resources can get control over mobile workflows, the web UI and integrations to make the system their own. Or leverage our expertise to customise the system for you.

Take Control and Scale Now

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Get Control Over the 7 Key Activities of Warehousing

The LCC WMS has an optimised UI and mobile workflows for small and medium businesses. It will give you the control you need over the 7 key activities of warehousing. Download the infographic for more.

1. Receive

  1. Get stock into your warehouse fast by confirming the receipt as you check the goods.
  2. Print item labels when stock has no barcode,
    – or work without barcodes.
  3. Receive by order or multi-order delivery.
  4. Receive without an order (Ad Hoc Receipt).
  5. Receive stock to Licence Plate No. (LPN) to speed put-away.
  6. Receive and put-away direct to bin location.

2. Move

  1. Track every movement by location, know who moved what, when.
  2. Lot/Expiry and Serial No. tracking.
  3.  Use Unit of Measures to easily handle standard carton sizes.
  4. Directed Put-away of stock lets you control where the stock is stored in your warehouse,
    – no more searching for empty slots.
  5. Override the suggested location for cross docking and special orders.
  6. Move many items at once with one scan of the LPN.
  7. Control put-away by storage zone and many different put-away strategies.
  8. Create directed moves to more efficient locations when re-slotting.
  9. Store by LPN for non-barcoded stock and loose items,
    – scan the LPN to confirm picking.

3. Replenish

  1. Set up fixed pick locations for fast moving products to reduce travel distance and handling during picking.
  2. Automatic system generated replenishment moves keep your pick locations full.

4. Pick

  1. Pick many orders in each pass through the warehouse to reduce travel distance and time to pick each order.
  2. Multi-Order picking picks several orders at once and directs the sort to each order carton or tub.
  3. Multi-Batch picking picks many orders at once and directs the sorting to sub-batches in tubs.
  4. Single order pick large orders and track pallet contents by LPN.
  5.  Pick by storage zone,
    1. Pick & pass orders from one zone to the next.
    2. Pick simultaneously from different zones and merge orders at packing.
  6. Optimise your pick path to minimise travel.

5. Sort & Pack

  1. Split your pick and pack process for greater efficiency.
  2. Sort Multi-Batch Pick tubs to order by position number.
  3. Scan items as you pack to ensure accuracy or pack fast without scanning.
  4. Pack by order or carton.
  5. Consolidate picked stock to track carton/pallet contents.

6. Ship

  1. Connect with your freight system to create consignments and print shipping labels as you pack.
  2. Track carton & pallet contents in shipments.

7. Count

  1. Resolve stock discrepancies discovered during picking using system generated cycle counts.
  2. Keep you inventory clean with cyclic stocktakes to count by item or location range.
  3. Manage full warehouse stocktakes with ease.

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