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 Integration Platform


Our integration platform helps us build integrations to other cloud systems easily and quickly. Integrating with older on premises systems is not a problem but will take a little longer.


We build smart integrations that overcome the limitations of host systems so you can work more efficiently and serve you customers better.


We don’t charge for developing new system integrations. We only charge a monthly fee for use.


Need something fancy, in a connection tailor made for you?. We can do that. We can add in new data, translate values, combine data from multiple systems. Whatever you need. For a small extra cost. Contact us for more details.

 Standard Integrations

System integrations are just a fact of life with Cloud software. All businesses will have a tech stack or ecosystem of cloud applications that collectively provide the functionality they need. Fortunately, this is easier than ever with modern integration platforms. As a new entrant into the Cloud WMS space, we are still building our range of system integrations. As we don’t want this to be a barrier to new customers, we are building new integrations at no charge and only charging a monthly fee to run and maintain them.

Integrations Help You Scale

One of the benefits of using a modular ecosystem of Cloud applications to run your business is that you can add or swap out applications when you need to upgrade as your business grows. If you need better functionality to help manage your warehouse now, but you also know that you will eventually need to upgrade your financial or inventory management systems, then you can upgrade to the LCC WMS and start getting the benefits now. Later, when you upgrade your other business systems all you need to do is update the integration to connect to the new inventory system. This way your warehouse team continues to operate with minimal impact from the new system upgrade. This also makes an inventory system or ERP upgrade simpler as the warehousing and fulfilment processes are already being taken care of by the LCC-WMS.

There are also degrees of integration complexity from a very simple integration with just a webstore to full integrations of every transaction with an ERP. You can even have no integration using simple file uploads of orders to the WMS. It all depends on complexity, cost and level of effort.

Take Control and Scale Now

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