The Best Warehouse Management System WMS for Cin7

Get the best from Cin7 with a WMS built for Cin7

The Cin7 inventory management system has won a lot of fans with its ease of use and wide applicability for many businesses from manufacturers, wholesalers and online retailers. However its built in WMS is insufficient for businesses that are scaling up or have more complex operational needs.

The Logistics Cloud Co. WMS taps into the way Cin7 works to provide sophisticated warehouse management for manufacturers, distributors and retailers who run their own warehouse and need better control and visibility.

Get extended inventory management features that are not available in Cin7. Make batch and serial tracking easier. Manage your raw materials for manufacturing easier and more accurately. Get faster receiving, put-away and picking processes that track stock in real time. Never lose stock again and get your orders out on time every day. Scale safely without the errors, returns, and reputational damage that can occur when you try to scale slow and inaccurate paper processes.

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Cin7-LCC-WMS Integration diagram

The value in transitioning from paper processing to barcode scanning and real time tracking of stock has been well established in big businesses for decades. Amazon built its success on the back of sophisticated warehouse technology. But this technology has been difficult to access for smaller businesses who want to grow in to bigger businesses.

At Logistics Cloud Co. we’re changing that and making sophisticated warehouse technology available and easy to implement for all sizes of business.

Key Features of the LCC-WMS CIN7 Integration

We have made the most from the integrations available with Cin7 and have built a full set of integrated business processes for addressing the common activities of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Standardised processes mean a rapid and reliable implementation that just works, so you can focus on your business instead of stressing over your IT.

  1. Item Master
    – We bring in all your items into the WMS automatically including item pictures to help you identify items when using the WMS.
  2. Sales Credit Notes
    – Receive stock for sales credits and send confirmations to Cin7
  3. Purchase Orders
    – Receive your purchase orders in the WMS and send confirmations back to Cin7
  4. Returns App Integrations
    – Use Return Logic or Return Rabbit to manage returns
  5. Sales Orders to WMS
    – Use our sophisticated picking and shipping processes to speed your order fulfillment and send the confirmations to Cin7
  6. Transfer Orders
    – Transfer orders are loaded to WMS to handle the shipping and receiving in your warehouse and the TO is confirmed in Cin7
  7. Shipping Integrations
    – Ship your orders and print shipping labels as you pack your orders
    – Integrates with Starshipit, Shippit, or Yojee
    – New shipping system integrations welcome
  8. Production Jobs for Manufacturers
    – We have developed a custom set of integrated processes to track your raw materials storage and moves, and manage production consumption and scrap with Cin7.
  9. Stock Adjustments
    – Manage your stock takes, cycle counts and adjustments easily with the WMS and load the results to Cin7 using the Cin7 stocktake process.
  10. Stock Reconciliation
    – Make sure your WMS and Cin7 stock always stays in balance with regular stock reconciliations