The Best Warehouse Management System WMS for Unleashed

Get a WMS designed for Unleashed that helps you deliver on your promises to your customers

Unleashed is one of the easiest to use inventory systems available. It is simple yet with enough features to help manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers take a big jump in their sophistication and control over their inventory management and cost control. But it is insufficient if you are managing your own warehouse and starting to ship in volume. The need for more control in your warehousing and distribution will be obvious as you start to lose track of stock and waste time just finding the stock to ship. Picking and shipping errors will cost you dearly in reduced profit, time and reputation. You know that you need to lift your warehousing game.

Sophisticated Simplicity

It’s not easy to make sophisticated processes simple, but that is what we have done with the Logistics Cloud Co. WMS. We developed an Unleashed specific integration that ties into the way Unleashed works so that you get the efficiency in your warehouse you are looking for without adding complexity or admin overhead to Unleashed.

The easy to learn mobile workflows will help your receive faster and track the position of every item in your warehouse so that you can find it and ship it fast with sophisticated picking and shipping processes that integrate with your shipping systems. For Shopify sellers we can also update your orders with tracking information when they are shipped so that your customers are kept up to date.

Detailed recording of activity and transaction history gives you all the data you need to understand what is happening in your warehouse and improve your processes and staff performance.

Take Control and Scale Now

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Unleashed-LCC-WMS Integration diagram

The value in transitioning from paper processing to barcode scanning and real time tracking of stock has been well established in big businesses for decades. Amazon built its success on the back of sophisticated warehouse technology. But this technology has been difficult to access for smaller businesses who want to grow in to bigger businesses.

At Logistics Cloud Co. we’re changing that and making sophisticated warehouse technology available and easy to implement for all sizes of business.

Key Features of the LCC-WMS Unleashed Integration

1. Item Master
– We bring in all your items into the WMS automatically including item pictures and barcodes to help you identify items when using the WMS

4. Purchase Orders
– Receive your Unleashed purchase orders in the WMS
– Confirmation of the PO is done in Unleashed (No API for this yet, but they tell me it’s coming)
– If you use Inventory Planner or another external purchase planning system we may have a workaround

3. Sales Credit Notes – Customer Returns
– Receive returned stock in the LCC-WMS and track RMA reference or adjustment reason codes and update the stock in Unleashed
– Sales credits are processed in Unleashed

4. Returns App Integrations
– Use Return Logic or Return Rabbit to manage the returns process in Shopify with your customer.
– Our integration creates the RMA order in the WMS to receive the stock and update the stock in Unleashed with an adjustment

5. Sales Orders
– Load Sales Order Shipments to the WMS
– Use WMS BOMs for pick to order product bundles
– Use our sophisticated picking and shipping processes to speed your order fulfillment and confirm what you shipped to Unleashed
– Update Shopify with the order shipment and tracking information with our Shopify integration (Unleashed does not do this but we can)

6. Transfer Orders
– Transfer orders are loaded to WMS to handle the shipping and receiving in your warehouses and
– the TO is confirmed in Unleashed

7. Shipping Integrations
– Ship your orders and print shipping labels as you pack your orders
– Integrates with Starshipit, Shippit, or Yojee
– New shipping system integrations welcome

8. Assemblies for Manufacturing
– We have a custom set of integrated processes to track your raw materials and manage production consumption and scrap with Unleashed.

9. Stock Adjustments
– Manage your stock takes, cycle counts and adjustments easily with the LCC-WMS
– Adjustment transactions are updated in Unleashed automatically

10. Stock Reconciliation
– Make sure your WMS and Unleashed stock always stays in balance with regular stock reconciliations