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Solving the Whole Warehousing Problem

Logistics Cloud Co. is the place where business owners and managers Get Control of their Warehouse with Better Layout, Better Process, Smart Software and Technology to get the speed & accuracy they need to scale so they can sleep at night instead of stressing out over lost stock, slow shipping, and error prone operations that are ruining their reputation.

build a productive foundation

Warehouse Layout Design

We are probably the only WMS implementor who can also address the underlying causes of low productivity built into many warehouses because of their poor warehouse design. Many businesses are putting up with an outdated warehouse that is costing them money because it has not kept up with the business as it changed. Implementing a WMS without considering your warehouse layout will reduce or even eliminate the productivity gains you were expecting.

With warehouse lease costs in major capital cities increasing 50% or even doubling in recent years, the value of redesigning your warehouse can be substantial. We have often achieved a 50% increase in storage capacity in older warehouses and created more staging area, by intelligently designing the storage and materials handling systems to increase storage density and better suit the business processes and products. Get more from your existing site, avoid or delay a relocation and save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in lease costs and offsite storage.

use More productive Processes

WMS Technology

We built the Logistics Cloud Co. WMS for ecommerce, 3PL, wholesale and manufacturing businesses of any scale, who need to manage a complex and fast-moving warehouse operation. Get more visibility and control over your warehouse with a smart system that enables your team to deliver the best service to your customers, at the lowest cost.

Get the highest productivity, speed and accuracy possible with our unique mobile workflows. Our eCommerce picking processes provide similar results to robotic automation, but with more flexibility, for a fraction of the cost. So, you can ship faster and more accurately than ever before.

Wherever your business is at, we’ll help you overcome whatever obstacles lie in your path to get a warehouse that adds massive value to your business.

What is a WMS?
What Does it Do?


Don’t bring a pen to a gun fight! Paper workflows & data entry are slow. Get fast fulfilment with a barcode scanning gun that streamlines physical processes and automates data flow.


People with paper make mistakes. Barcode scanning and real time stock tracking enables your warehouse staff to get it right first time.


Break free from dependence on the special knowledge of staff to run your business and build expert processes that allow experienced and new staff to work fast, accurate and free of frustration.

cloud easy

Extend and enhance your Tech Stack with a WMS optimised for small and medium business, built on a platform proven by world leading businesses and logistics companies.

Plug in and Go

We are already connected with these systems

We have an integration platform that allows us to connect to any cloud or on premises system. So if you don’t see your system here yet, we will build a new connection. All connections are charged at a fixed monthly fee depending on complexity. The more popular the system, the lower the price.

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A WMS you can trust

The Logistics Cloud Co. WMS is our optimised version of a high-end WMS Platform with a successful track record at major businesses and 3PLs in Australia and overseas.

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