Take Control of Your Warehousing and Scale Welcome to Logistics Cloud Co. the place where Online Retailers can finally take control of their warehousing using the smart automation capabilities of WMS to deliver scalable speed & accuracy so they can sleep at night instead of stressing out over lost stock and slow, error prone shipping.

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You just want your warehouse to work, so you can pick your orders accurately, get them out on time, and not lose stock. If you are struggling to do this you are not alone. Many businesses find this exceptionally difficult to do. The power of Warehouse Management System technology (WMS) has previously been the privilege of big business, but now it is available to everyone, it’s in the cloud and plugs into your existing systems quickly and cost effectively.

If you want to scale quickly or you’ve just had enough of your current stressful situation, then it’s time to move on from spreadsheets, paper trails and dependence on human memory and take control of your warehouse today with a proven cloud solution with easy onboarding. WMS implementation is not a DIY project you can do in your spare time. We are logistics experts who take care of every last detail for you, so you can focus on building your business, whilst we build you a warehouse system that can handle anything you can throw at it.

About Logistics Cloud Co.

Fast, Accurate, Scalable Warehousing

We built the Logistics Cloud Co. WMS for retailers, wholesalers and 3PLs who need eCommerce fulfillment capability to keep up with changing market demands.

Our aim is to help you manage your logistics better than anyone else by delivering Cloud Technology to streamline your warehouse operations to help you ship faster and more accurately than ever before, so you can scale up, go out and change the world.


“The difference between scaling and failing is the quality of implementation”
Andrew J Clark
Founder of Logistics Cloud Co.


Paper based workflows & manual data entry are slow. Fast fulfillment comes from fully integrated digital systems that automate data flow and streamline stock moves.


People with paper make mistakes. Barcode scanning and real time stock tracking enables your warehouse staff to get it right first time.


Break free from dependence on the special knowledge of staff to run your business and build expert processes that allow everyone to work fast and accurate.

You Take Control

We give you the tools and advice you need to get your logistics operations under control and run them more effectively & efficiently.

Plug in and Go

We are already connected with your systems
A WMS you can trust
Orders Shipped
Packages Shipped

Take Control and Scale Now

Contact us for a quick discovery session to see how you can improve your logistics operations and find out if the Logistics Cloud Co. WMS is right for you.

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