Don’t let your warehouse hold you back any longer.

Logistics Cloud Co. WMS (LCC-WMS) is a full-featured cloud-hosted Warehouse Management System that provides big business WMS functionality to small and medium businesses. Logistics Cloud Co. WMS is an alternative to systems like Manhattan Scale, Red Prairie, HighJump, Korber, Paperless, Acellos, Datapel, Peoplevox, CartonCloud, 3PLCentral and many others.

LCC-WMS can be implemented in a low-cost multi-tenant cloud platform or a dedicated instance for complex and large scale warehouse operations. You can start simple and grow to large scale with the one WMS.

For too long full featured Warehouse Management Systems have been available only to big business. We have been working towards changing that for some years now. Cloud software has brought sophisticated capabilities to small businesses with many options for web stores, accounting and inventory management that rival big business systems from a few years ago.

But highly capable warehouse systems have until now been the missing piece of the business software puzzle. Small and medium businesses often have operations with similar and even more complex needs than big business and the simplified functionality for warehouse management in inventory systems and entry-level WMS are just inadequate.

Take control, remove the pain and grow your business

Many people within businesses, owners, managers and staff are suffering frustration because of poor business processes, poorly implemented systems, and lack of expertise in inventory, warehousing and logistics.

Some of them are in a death spiral right now due to large amounts of dysfunction. Processes are slow and error-prone, more sales mean more errors and precious time wasted fixing them. We see it all the time and it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can help you overcome the dysfunction and run your business without stress so you can improve your profitability and grow. We’ll help you redesign your processes and implement the most modern cloud-hosted logistics software that connects into an ecosystem of integrated applications to run your business more effectively and more efficiently.

Our core product is a Warehouse Management System, and we also help implement systems for

– Inventory Management,

– Inventory forecasting and purchase planning, and

– Freight management and delivery management

We stick with you to get the results you need

The difference between scaling and failing is the quality of implementation. We have been doing this for a long time and we know how to implement. So we also know that some businesses take more time and persistence to get the transformation they need to succeed. So, we’re with you, towards the result you need in your business

Why Us?

Logistics Software Specialists

Our staff are experienced warehouse and logistics operations managers and logistics IT specialists.

Cloud Software Specialists

Cloud software is not just more convenient with a lower total cost of ownership than on-premises software, it connects you into an ecosystem of amazing potential for your business.

Continuous Innovation

We’re in the thick of it with our clients. They keep us sharp, and we constantly improve our work to meet their evolving needs.

Why Now?

The pace of change is accelerating and it’s hard to keep up. Many businesses are working with old software to run their businesses. Their processes are analogue–dependent on people and paper, delivering slow and erratic service. If they don’t act soon, their business will be disrupted by newer, cheaper, faster businesses that scale rapidly because they work in the digital world.

The new businesses will take their customers away whilst they watch, powerless to respond. New strategies to serve your market better require the near limitless capability of modern cloud software.

The digital transformation of the customer-facing side of the business has leapt far ahead of the analogue operational capability of many businesses. A website and an old PC based accounting package is a recipe for pain, not progress. That’s where we come in. Your customers have upgraded their expectations. It’s time to upgrade the processes and systems that run your business and deliver your products to your customers

Don’t be Held Back by your old systems!
Let our experience and expertise guide you also to success

Frequently asked questions

“I’ve been driving business improvement through process streamlining, system design and implementation for over 30 years. It’s difficult, but I know what it takes to achieve results.”
Andrew J Clark–The Logistics Optimiser
We have a six-step process to success
1.Design the processes
2.Build the system
3.Connect the systems together for seamless interoperation
4.Test & Train
5.Go-cutover the data and connections to the new systems and start using them
6.Improve–put in a process of success measures and continuous improvement

We work with growing small and medium businesses. If you have big ambitions, we can help you realise them.

No. That can only be done by you. But we can give you the guidance and tools you need to get to where you want to be and stick with you through the journey


Transforming physical operations to digital control is much harder than transforming the virtual world of the internet. But it can and must be done, and we can help you do it.