Cloud Software, Implementation and Optimisation Services for Warehouses

Logistics Cloud Co. sell and implement Cloud software, services and equipment to help you optimise your warehouse. We solve the whole warehousing problem with a first principles approach optimising warehouse Layout to create a productive foundation, developing fast and efficient Process supported by Technology and continuous improvement through Optimisation. Implementation can be project based or (better) managed as part of the Warehouse Optimisation Program.

Andrew J Clark – “The Logistics Optimiser” Founder of Logistics Cloud Co.

Why I Started Logistics Cloud Co.

I started Logistics Cloud Co. to create a platform for a bigger impact in the world of logistics and supply chain where I have worked most of my career. My first (career) love has been warehousing since I worked at Baxter Healthcare as a lowly warehouse supervisor, driving forklifts, picking orders and making sure the hospitals got their stock on time. I also learned to bridge the gap between operations and IT to make sure the code they created worked on the warehouse floor.

Later I had the opportunity to work as a logistics consultant with the privilege of helping out (and learning from) many businesses from large global corporates to small startups.

Now I’m making what I have learned more accessible to more small and medium businesses who need the expertise and tools I have developed to perform at their best.

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Long Term Success Needs a Long Term Approach

We believe small and medium businesses need high level expert help over time to help them grow with the support of a highly efficient and effective warehousing operation. As an alternative to short term consulting projects we developed a Warehouse Optimisation Program where we have more skin in the game, and you don’t pay big fees up front for an uncertain outcome. If we don’t add value with measurable results, you can stop at any time.

Why Us?

Logistics Software Specialists

Our staff are experienced warehouse and logistics operations managers and logistics IT specialists.

Cloud Software Specialists

Cloud software is not just more convenient with a lower total cost of ownership than on-premises software, it connects you into an ecosystem of amazing potential for your business.

Continuous Innovation

We’re in the thick of it with our clients. They keep us sharp, and we constantly improve our work to meet their evolving needs.

Why Now?

The pace of change is accelerating and it’s hard to keep up. Many businesses are working with old software to run their businesses. Their processes are analogue; dependent on people and paper, delivering slow and erratic service. If they don’t act soon, their business will be disrupted by newer, cheaper, faster businesses that scale rapidly because they work in the digital world.

The new businesses will take their customers away whilst they watch, powerless to respond. New strategies to serve your market better require the near limitless capability of modern cloud software.

The digital transformation of the customer-facing side of the business has leapt far ahead of the analogue operational capability of many businesses. A website and an old PC based accounting package is a recipe for pain, not progress. That’s where we come in. Your customers have upgraded their expectations. It’s time to upgrade the processes and systems that run your business and deliver your products to your customers.

Take Control and Scale Now

Contact us for a discovery session to see how you can improve your warehouse operations and find out if the Logistics Cloud Co. WMS is right for your ecommerce business.